Through singing lessons, we aim to teach every student the techniques they will need in order to sing confidently, accurately and well. Every voice is different, but the general underlying principles of singing training are usually the same for most people. We encourage every child to find their own voice, and we enhance that by teaching the fundamental techniques of correct breathing, diaphragm control, posture, voice placement, vowel and consonant formation, stylisation and projection. Through singing and performance, students are able to learn many transferable skills including teamwork, confidence, listening to and consideration of others, following direction and attention to detail. Whilst lessons are given in a group format, we aim to hear each child individually over the course of each term, in order to assess their specific needs and tailor their training. Your child will also learn music theory and history. These are all encompassed within a fun and exciting environment, where each student is encouraged to reach their full potential.


Cheerleading / Gymnastics

Cheerleading / Gymnastics, is a fun high energy class.   We work on cheer stunts, dance and tricks.  At Select we feel combining cheer with gymnastics complements each other perfectly.  Through gymnastics our students will start to learn the skills and techniques and at the same time gain confidence, strength and flexibility which are the main building blocks for continued success in gymnastics and cheerleading alike.


Commercial Dance

Commercial Dance is a strong and fun style with elements of street and jazz. A lot of the dancers on music videos and MTV are classed as commercial dancers.  Routines will be danced to the latest pop, r n b and chart music. Think Ciara, Rhianna, JLS, Beyonce, Lady Gaga and One Direction.  This is a generic dance class where we focus highly on correct dance techniques, while learning fun and exciting routines.



Through drama we offer the opportunity to learn voice techniques, improvisation skills, characterisation, script work and stage craft.  Students will work on their own individual pieces as well as monologues and group scenes.  We create a safe and nurturing environment allowing students to learn how to express themselves without fear.  The older children will be learning about Stanislavski (method acting) and Shakespeare in bite size fun pieces.


Theatre Class

Theatre Class, is an introductory class to all aspects of Performing Arts.  Including Drama, movement, singing and learning rhythm in a fun and nurturing environment.